Here is the list of collection items for Operation Christmas Child 2021:


January– Toothbrushes – 375

February – Hats, gloves, and scarves – 33 gloves, 28 hats, 24 Santa hats

March – Soap and wash cloths – 116 soap, 206 washcloths, 204 combs

April – T-shirts or other clothing items- 73 Socks, t-shirts- 283, flip flops-4

May – Stuffed animals- 99

June – Toys, games, and puzzles

July  – Special Item month: sewing needles, thread, buttons, scissors (for sewing kits), fishing hooks, line and lures (for fishing kits), screwdrivers, hammers, and nails or other small tools (for tools kits)

Sewing kits- 11, flashlights- 20, hammer and nails- 4

August– Crayons and school supplies- 27 crayons, pencils- 190

September – Coloring books- 30, children’s books- 15

October – catch up month (look for update on what we are short on)

November – Packing Party


Other Things

*Please save your pill bottles (washed out and label  removed) for our sewing and fishing kits- 194 pill bottles


 *Our goal is 252 boxes total and we would like to have 84 craft kits for boys and girls ages 2-4, 84 sewing kits for girls 5-9 and 10-14, 42 fishing kits for boys  5-9, and 42 tool kits for boys 10-14


*Would your family or Sunday school class be up for a challenge this year?  Choose one of our monthly items (or make up your own) and collect 252 for each box!