“A Living Sanctuary”

Written by Greg Cross

I used to think of a sanctuary

As the church building we’re we came

The place where we gathered to worship

But now, nothing is the same.

For God’s Word showed me different

The true sanctuary is a person’s heart

Prepared by God in Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit God imparts.

A living sanctuary

My Savior’s love sets my heart aflame

He shed His precious blood for me

Rose from death and now He reigns!

A living sanctuary

Where God’s Holy Presence dwells

A temple of the Holy Spirit

A heart set to do God’s will.

A living sanctuary

Where God is revealed

Where I lovingly obey

And to Him, humbly yield.

A living sanctuary

Where tumultuous waves cannot upset

My peace and contentment in Christ

As I look to Him for rest.

When all God’s living sanctuaries

Gather in prayer and praise

To exalt our glorious King

On the Lord’s resurrection day.

Living sanctuaries

His grace and mercy we entreat

May we hear His blessed voice

As we bow at our Savior’s feet!

A Requiem For Darkness and Fear

Written by Greg Cross

On a rocky, barren landscape

I stood all alone

In the middle of the landscape

A deep, wide gaping hole

A rock I dropped into the pit

No sound, no sound was there

Just darkness, darkness, endless darkness

Darkness and, yes, fear!

Fear came rushing on me

Like a wind roaring and cold

In perspiration, down on my knees

“More rocks, fill up this hole.”

I labored long and hard, I did

No sound, no sound was there

Just darkness, darkness, endless darkness

Darkness and, yes, fear!

I lay exhausted at the mouth

Of the hole without no end

I cried out in helplessness,

“Can nothing this hole mend?”

On my elbow came a touch so light

Like a clean, fresh summer breeze

Above me stood a man in white

At his garment I did seize.

Help me! Help me! Help Me! I cried,

“Won’t you help me, please?”

“This hole, this gaping hole”, I sighed

“is consuming all of me.”

The stranger he did lift me up

and then said unto me,

“Love one, look into the hole,

and tell me what you see.”

I turned and looked into the dark

Of that never ending space

Down in the depths, so cold, so stark,

A semblance of my face.

Fear came rushing o’er me

The cold sweat, it did sear

I feebly picked up a rock

Into the darkness I did peer

“Love one, put down the rock.

A thousand you could throw.

For each rock that you put in

The fear and darkness grows.”

The rock slipped from my hand

And tumbled to the side

I searched the ever barren land

No place was there to hide

“I am your help, I heard you call,

Are you ready to receive?

I am alone your all in all

No longer be deceived.”

Then with a voice steady and strong

I heard him say, “Light come!

Give him the light for which he longs,

Bring my beloved child home!”

To my shock, into the hole

He himself did cast;

The darkness and the fear gave way

To a light of eternal last.

Love one, are you throwing rocks

Into a gaping hole?

Does the darkness and the fear which lock

Leave you trembling and so cold?

Love one, please, call out this day

Christ will meet you there;

He will flood your life with light

Fear and darkness will disappear.

                                           December 12, 1991

Another Love

Written by Greg Cross

I know once we were very close.

Everyone, everything, I put you above

Surrendered to you my life, my all

But now I’ve found another love.

The world says it’s crazy to love You alone

With all my heart, my soul, my mind,

A jealous love, that burns with desire.

This divorce, yes, I’ll try to be kind.

Another love entered my life.

I find my desires have changed.

You know Yourself, the temptation is strong.

So this you should not find strange.

Yet, I will try to visit once in a while.

Yes, my conscience I want to be clear.

No begging, no pleading, no tears can persuade.

Another love I do now hold dear.

Jesus, the great lover of my soul,

Hold me close and tight, I plea!

Give me a heart that does not wonder

To other loves, love only Thee.

                                                                        September 13, 1994


Written by Greg Cross


Do you come with expectations

To God’s living church

Expecting great miracles,

Praying for new births?


O God, baptize us with fire

The Holy Spirit true.

Pour Your grace upon us

That we may walk with You.


Lord, we are Your vessels

For Your holy use employ.

Break us, mold us, make us, Lord

Fill us with Your joy.


Raise our eyes to expectations.

Nothing is impossible with You.

O Lord, we wait in expectation,

Expectation of what You will do!


                                                                                                            Dec. 1995

“Guide Me, O Lord!”

Written by Greg Cross


Guide me in Your Word this day,

Grant me that Your Word may stay;

In my heart, every part,

May I be Your living Word.


Guide me in Your love this day,

Grant me that Your love may flame;

In my heart, every part,

Your love in me will glow.


Guide me to someone in need.

Grant that I may plant a seed;

In their heart, yes, every part,

Your love in them may grow.


One day You will guide me home,

In Your glorious land behold;

In my heart, yes, every part,

Your loving presence be.



How Beautiful, How Lovely, the New Fallen Snow

Written by Greg Cross


How beautiful, how lovely, the new fallen snow.

O how it completely covers, O how brightly it glows.

Each dancing snowflake reflecting the light

Glittering, shimmering, O What a sight!


How beautiful, how lovely, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh, how He covers, Oh how He invites

“Come one, come all, to Me.  I am Light.”

Dance in His grace, O What a delight!


Whitemess, whiteness, pure and clean

Is what God offers to you and me;

Christ’s righteousness blanketing our sin and shame.

How beautiful, how lovely.  Praise His holy name!


                                                                                                         January 1996

                                                                           After a beautiful snowfall in January

“In His Name”

Written by Greg Cross


In His name there is unity.

In His name there is peace.

In His name there is joy.

In His name new life release.


In our name there is division.

In our name there is strife.

In our name there is mourning.

In our name, death not life.


Remember Christians, we no longer live.

Christ Jesus lives in us!

May we lift His name on high,

Our name no longer to discuss.


May His name dwell in our hearts.

May His name be on our lips.

His name in our prayers and praise,

Then our name will not slip.


So when we go to naming names,

Let us get down on our knees

And name that name above all names,

Jesus Christ, our Savior, our Plea.


Let us forget about ourselves.

His servants all we are.

Born of God’s grace in Jesus Christ,

Christ alone is Lord!


I may plant, you may water.

We’re fellow workers in God’s field.

But God alone makes things grow.

Let us not His glory steal.


                                                            Reference: 1 Corinthians 1:9-10

                                             September. 28, 1992

“Make No Mistake”

Written by Greg Cross


The Cross kills, make no mistake.

Jesus died for all our sakes.

The Cross, not pretty, nor is sin.

He died for us, our souls to win.


The cross kills, make no mistake.

Accusations fly, “He is a fake!”

Everyone is false, except the Son.

He took my blame, my soul He’s won.


The Cross kills, make no mistake.

In its presence, my soul quakes.

Calling me daily to come and die;

The Cross, my will, to crucify.


The Cross kills, make no mistake,

My pride poured out, my sin forsake.

Help me, Lord, to live for Thee!

He died for me, to set me free.

                                                                                          June 17, 1993

“No Greater Love”

Written by Greg Cross


O Holy Father, Thou Art All Grace

How could I ever behold Thy face?

To stand in Your Presence, Your Glory see

Your Grace poured out abundant and free


O Father, I know deep down in my heart

The law condemns, yes, every part.

I’ve broken them all, yes, every one,

I’ve sinned against Thee, I am undone.


My shame and my guilt floods in over me

I’m about to go under, I cry out, “Mercy!”

Your Grace comes down, sent from above

O Father of Grace, No Greater Love!


Who is Grace, This One I see

Stretched out on a Cross, dying for me?

My sin, my shame, my guilt He bears

In utter silence, mouth open, I stare

His blood flows from His hands, feet and side

What horror, what wonder, I cannot hide

“This is My Grace” I hear You say

Enter by faith, there is no other way


“Thou are Lord and Christ”, falls from my lips

No Greater Love, the words silently slip.

No Greater Love, I humbly bow

Cover me in Your grace, cover me now!


Make me Thine own, I simply say

Make me Thine own, this very day!

To serve Thee alone, to do Thy will

No Greater Love, No Greater Thrill!

O Holy Father, How I Adore You

Greg Cross


O Holy Father, how I adore You

My heart enraptured with only Thee

My being bust with pure praise and pleasure

For You, My Father, have set me free


O Holy Father, How I adore You

Highest heaven cannot contain

How great Thy glory, Thy awesome power

The wondrous majesty of Thy name


O Holy Father, How I adore You

But Father how can You relate

I am but dust, a poor lost sinner

Thou are immortal, infinitely great


O Holy Father, How I adore You

You sent Your One and Only Son

He bore my guilt, my sin, my shame

Christ Jesus rose, the victory won

O Holy Father, how I adore You

You created me to soar in thee

O lift my spirit ever upward

Thou who art all eternity

Oh, For A Wind, A Mighty Wind

Written By Greg Cross


The pall hung over the city,

Stifling, thick, holding the heat.

The people did gasp and sigh

As they hurried along the streets


The weatherman said, no relief

Did he see in sight.

Pollutants spread into the air

Obscuring the sunlight.


Toxic, yes, the air did grow.

Green plants began to die.

“Let’s protect the children.

Better keep them inside.”


Oh, for a wind, a mighty wind

To clear it all away!

A great wind is the only answer.

For a mighty wind let’s pray.


Then, one day, quite unexpectedly

A mighty breeze began to blow.

No one knew whence it came.

The city, it did glow.


The sunlight danced upon the grass

Like a newborn calf in Spring.

The plants perked up, began to grow,

The children, they did sing.


The air pristine, clear as glass,

No smog to hide the sky.

The people, mouths wide open

Said, “We never realized…


How foolish we all have been…

Look at that blue sky!

Our children laughing, playing.”

Then, they all began to cry.


Not tears of grief, but tears of joy

Like jewels the tears did fall.

Cleansing hearts, renewing lives

Removing all the gall.



Now, you know me well enough.

The city is our heart.

The pall, sin and self-centeredness.

Light obscured by dark.


Oh, for a wind, a mighty wind

To clear it all away.

A great wind is the only answer

For a wind let’s pray!


If we’re sincere, the wind will come,

The Holy Spirit is His name.

“What you ask, you will receive.

Yes, receive the very same.”


Then tears of grief will turn to joy.

Lord, all the gall remove!

Bring in your light, Jesus Christ.

In Him our lives renew!


Of, for a wind,  mighty wind

To clear it all away!

A great wind is the only answer.

For a mighty wind let’s pray!

“The End, A New Beginning”

Written by Greg Cross


All things have an end, save one,

And that is eternity.

When the end is ended,

Tell me, where will you be?


Before you answer, join me

On what seems an endless trip.

Some think this life will never end

Or they’ll give the end the slip.


But now, about another end.

Yes, the end of self,

All our resources spent,

No place to turn for help.


Abraham came to his end

When on the altar he lay

Isaac, his precious son,

He raised his knife to slay.


Jacob came to his end

At the river Jabbok

His brother Esau coming fast,

He thought his goose was cooked.


Moses came to his end

Before a rock and a hard place.

The Egyptian army bearing down,

Water slapped him in the face.


Proud Peter came to his end.

His voice, three times, we hear

“I do not know the man!”

Of He Peter held so dear.


Even Jesus had his end.

“Thy will, not mine,” He prayed.

Arrested, beaten, hung on a cross.

He died, lay in a grave.


God brings us to the end

Of self-confidence and pride.

For like a vast mountainscape

These things His grace will hide.


When we stand stark naked.

I know, not a pleasant thought!

God’s love, grace and mercy flows

Our end counted not a loss.


Our end is a beginning

Heaven opens in Jesus Christ.

God sends His Holy Spirit.

All His riches He invites.


New life in Christ that never ends

Throughout all eternity.

Nothing can separate from His love.

Come to your end and see!


                                                                        February 15, 1994

“The Garden Of My Heart”

Written by Greg Cross


In the garden the other day

Many weeds of many kinds.

No time, no time to delay.

Pull up all that I can find.


What is this? I can’t believe!

I tug with all my might.

You’ve never seen such a weed.

I see I have a fight.


I pull this way, then pull that way,

All to no avail.

Then, with one final mighty heave

The weed I do assail.


Standing dripping in the sun,

Dirt all over me,

The root of this monstrous weed

Trails clear down to my knees.


A cold flush comes over me,

The weed too near my heart.

I hear another Gardener near.

His voice gives me a start.


“Hello, My son. You’ve done well,

The root so deep entwined.

Time to check my garden now

To see what I find.”


Then His words searched my heart.

Many a weed did He pull out.

Some come very easily.

Others come out with a shout.


Then He said, “There is this weed

Whose roots entwine your heart.

The cost is great to have it out.

I must get it, every part.


As He pulled, I thought I saw

Supreme anguish on His face.

For on a cross He did bear

All my sin and my disgrace.



I heard the nails. I saw the blood

Flow down my Savior’s side.

My head fell, my knees grew weak,

As I let go all my pride.


“I’ve got it all. Sweet victory!”

The Gardener of my heart did cry.

I looked. The root down to His feet,

Still struggling to survive.


Then, in a voice deep and strong,

He said, “Vile thing, depart!”

Weed with vicious root did burn

That once entwined my heart.


“You’ve free, My son.  Now fruit will grow.

Be sure you do your part.

Abide in Me and My love.

Be vigilant with your heart.”


“Give the good room to grow.

Uproot all evil there.

We will reap what we sow,

So we must take care.”


“And I place in My garden

Should you think all is loss,

A reminder of sweet victory,

There stands an empty cross!”

                                                                                          May 25, 1993

“What Do You Want?”

Written by Greg Cross


“I want to do this, I want to do that.”

We say without thinking as a matter of fact;

Yet the “I” of the “want to” like a skyscraper soars,

While all of God’s “want to’s” we do ignore.


Lord, I want what You want, A new wanter give me

That by wanting what you want Your glory they’ll see;

Oh Lord, change my wanter that I may become

A humble servant who wants Your will to be done.

“What Have You Forsaken?”

Written by Greg Cross


What have you forsaken

For Jesus Christ your Lord?

Or are you mistaken,

Kept you life and all else hoard?


There must be a forsaking

Of sin, self, and our rights.

Or are you mistaken,

Walking in darkness, not the light?


Abraham forsook his home

To seek a better land,

When the Lord said, “Come,

I’ll lead you by My hand.”


Paul forsook everything.

He counted it all for loss.

Of His Savior’s grace to sing,

“Paul, come, take up your cross.”

There is no mistaking

The list still grows today.

There must be a forsaking,

There is no other way.


Jesus makes it very plain.

He says, “Come follow me.

Lose your life, Mine to gain.

In Me there is victory.


What have you forsaken

For Jesus Christ your Lord?

Or are you mistaken,

Kept your life and all else hoard?

A Walk With My Dog

Written by Greg Cross


Lord, you speak in so many ways;

Yes, you spoke to me today.

Not with lightning bolt or flaming tree,

But through my dog on a lead.


I am her master, her I feed,

Yes, I meet all her needs

I take her walking for exercise

On a lead, we walk side by side.


Yet, how this little pup can vex,

Pulling and panting, this way and that,

Growling at every dog she sees,

She wraps the lead around my knees.


A bird lands in a yard nearby,

She lunges so hard, my hand does sigh,

A car goes by, she would gives chase,

The lead, the lifeline, a cord of grace


She smells some dead thing in the grass,

I tighten the lead to quickly pass,

Though she would like to linger there,

Roll in it without a care.


O, if she would only let me lead,

Not push or pull, just concede

To follow me, her master, at my pace,

Trusting me simply, walking in faith.


O Lord, I pray, take the lead.

I completely yield myself to Thee.

No pullin’, no pushin’, no bird-chasing days.

Let me walk beside Thee, teach me Thy ways.

                                                        April 14, 1996


Written by Greg Cross


Who or what is in the center of your life,

Is there love, joy, peace or endless strife?

For from the center of our life flows,

Who or what is in the center shows.


In heaven God and Christ are in the center of the throne.

Why not make God and Christ the center of your home,

The center of our lives, the center of our church,

Then we won’t be unbalance, left in a lurch.


For God alone is Sovereign, Creator of all that is

Thrice Holy, Lord God Almighty, All praise to Him we give.

Worthy is His Lamb sent by God above

To purchase us for God with His precious blood.


Is your life on center, God and Christ enthroned;

Do you have a heart of flesh or a heart of stone,

Do you love the Lord, walking in His ways,

Led by the Holy Spirit, centered in His will today?

“Fill Me”

Written by Greg Cross


Fill my life with good things

Not with silver or with gold.

Fill me with your goodness

That Your glory it may show.


Fill me with Your presence.

Fill me with Your ways.

Fill me with Your passion,

Mingled with unbroken praise.


Lord, empty what I’m full of,

That the fuller I may be,

Of Your love, peace, joy and righteousness,

Wholly committed unto Thee.

                                                              (Based on Isaiah 2:6-11)

                                                                   March 16, 1993

“Seven Things We Are Not To Neglect”

Written by Greg Cross


(Assorted verses)

He neglected his schoolwork.

He neglected his wife.

He neglected his kids.

This surely ain’t right.


He neglected his job.

He neglected his car.

He neglected his health.

He can’t get very far.


He neglected his Bible,

Yes, He had one!

But he didn’t neglect

His pleasure or fun.


Now he stands neglected

In a horrible place.

All alone and neglected,

Devoid of God’s face.


An eternity to think

Of what could have been

If he hadn’t neglected.

Oh, what a sin!

                                                                        August 23, 1995


Neglect- to pay no attention or too little attention, disregard or slight; to omit as through indifference of carelessness.

Hebrews 2:3 “escape, if we neglect so great a salvation

Psalm 119:16 I will not neglect Your Word (God’s Word)

Nehemiah 10:25-39 We will not neglect the house of God. (Good Stewards)

1 Timothy 4:14 “Neglect not the gift that is in thee”

Acts 6:1 “Were neglected in daily ministrations” (charity to others)

Luke 11:42 “You neglect justice and the love of God.”

Matthew 23:23 “ You have neglected the more important matter of the law- justice, mercy, and faithfulness.

“The Gift”

Written by Greg Cross


Of all the gifts you have ever received

Which do you remember, which do so please

Which brought you peace, which brought you joy

Which brought you love, endless hope from above.


Christ is the gift above all gifts I choose.

There is no greater gift than, “I forgive you.

I forgive you your sins through dark they may be.

Yes, each and every one God has laid upon Me.


Covered by My blood, Jesus Christ, God’s own Son,

Endless mercy and grace sent from God above.”

All gifts shall pass away, all gifts save He.

Thank you, God, for Your gift of Christ to me!

(Luke 7:48)

A Kiss and A Prayer

Written by Greg Cross


How do we start our day off right?

There are many replies we hear,

“Plenty of rest! A good breakfast!”

For our children we hold so dear.


Rest is good and breakfast is too.

Those may keep our children fair.

Yet, in my mind, none compete

With a kiss and a prayer.


A kiss that says, “I Love You!”

A prayer that says, “God Loves You More!”

This combination cannot be beat.

So parent, please, do not ignore…


A kiss and a prayer to your children,

Two simple things that say so much.

A kiss from you and a prayer to God,

Nothing else in the world can touch.

April 30, 1993

“A Little Pinch of Salt”

Written by Greg Cross


Just a little pinch of salt

What a difference that pinch makes

When that pinch is forgotten

In the bread as it is baked.


White raisin cinnamon bread

O the smell dances in the nose

Yet, I forgot a pinch of salt

Will anyone know do you suppose?


Tasting time is upon me

Fresh-baked bread what a delight

I cut me a warm thick slice

I take a big, big bite


Others wait in anticipation

Searching for my approving smile

My pinched face tells the story

Forty bland loaves, O what a trial!


Mark them down to half price

Maybe then our customers will take

Just a little pinch of salt

What a difference that pinch makes


(Written after a visit to bread store, raisin cinnamon bread at ½ price, tasted bland, bought a loaf, used for toast)


Written by Greg Cross


I was walking through our hallway

In my bare feet the other day

Oh, how dirty the floor did feel,

It’s the truth, what can I say?


Now, this is a funny thing...

You see, when I had on shoes

I didn’t feel the dirt at all,

My senses insulated from all the goo!


Now, the Lord He spoke to me,

You know how He can do!

“Greg, people have their shoes on

When My Word they do come to.”


“They walk all through My Word

And think everything’s all right

Their senses dull and insulated

From My Word, the one true light.”


Now, I know this may sound radical,

But I think it’s something we should do,

When we come to read God’s Word,

Let’s take off our socks and shoes.


Let us walk through God’s Word

In our bare feet all the way,

We might be surprised and shocked

Just what God has to say…!


“My child, check you filthy feet,

Check them at the door!

I am a holy, awesome God,

Your sin I do abhor!”


“Lord God, yes, I am filthy!

O Lord, holy God, let me in!

Send Your Son, Jesus Christ,

To wash away all my sins!”


With towel wrapped around His waist

Jesus Christ, God’s son, did appear.

He knelt and lovingly washed my feet,

My joy overflowed with tears.


Lord, help us to walk humbly

In our bare feet, not in socks and shoes.

Bathe us in you mercy and grace,

That your glory will shine through!

                                                            August 8, 1995

“Christ, the Living Way”

Written by Greg Cross


There is a very humbling sentence

In God’s holy Word;

A most humbling sentence

Young and old need to hear.


David said it to Solomon

As David’s time drew near,

“Now listen carefully my son,

This I want you to hear.”


“I am going the way of all the earth.

Be strong, show yourself a man,

Keep the charge of the Lord,

Walk in His ways, Keep His commands.”


Did you hear it? So humbling,

Don’t let it pass you by,

“I am going the way of all the earth.”

Yes, we are all going to die.


Breathe it in, breathe it out.

With each breath it draws near.

When that last breathe leaves you

Will it be in faith of fear?


Faith in God of the living,

Jesus Christ, He is the One,

The Resurrection, and the Life.

God’s one and only Son.


You are not ready to live

Till you are ready to die

Come to Christ, Who is life,

And in His life abide.

                                                November 8, 1995



Written by Greg Cross

Once in a while and

More than a while once

My wife speaks to me

 But I haven’t a hunch

Of what she said

                                                                        For my mind is not tuned

Though I shake my head

         Her words float in the room.

Life butterflies dancing

                             They rise and they fall.

But I hear nothing

                   Nothing at all.

O Lord, I pray, that

   You speak to me

Why are you silent?

Why do you delay?

Butterflies dancing

 They fill the room

O Lord, I confess,

With other things I’m consumed.

“God’s Timepiece”

Written by Greg Cross


Forty four years old, I cannot believe

Whew! They flew by so, so quickly

The older you get, the quicker time flies

Children growing up, weakening of the eyes.


Time is a precious gift from God above

Lord, fill the time with your wondrous love

May my heart tick faithfully in your Son

Powered not by Duracell but by your Holy One.


A beautiful timepiece not just for time

Eternity beckons, oh how sublime…

To be in Your presence, singing Your praise

O let us all in unison our voices raise…


Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah to the King!

Come one, come all, your offerings bring.

Present yourselves as a living sacrifice

Holy and pleasing to God, for this is right.


For He sent His Son in time from eternity

To die on the cross for you and for me

What mercy, what grace, what love divine,

Thou art all compassion, O Lord, Thou art kind!

Help On a Cold, Blustery Day

Written by Greg Cross


On a cold, blustery day

Somewhere in the teens

I heard out my window

A chirp, chirp somewhat lean.


I parted the curtains,

Looked down on the ledge,

A bird all cuddled up

In a corner, looking dread


The wind did blow fiercely

The bird it could not touch

Protected by the ledge and brick

In this man-made hutch.


The sun did shine down.

The ledge it did heat.

The bird fluffed its wings

And let out “Peep, Peep!”


His song did grow louder

As he basked in the sun.

The wind could not touch him,

“Peep! Peep! This is fun!”


The bird gathered himself

And flew out on the wind.

After a brief, warming rest

Back into life he did ascend.


We all need protection

From cold winds that do blow.

We all need to bask

In God’s heavenly glow.


Yet, like my friend, the bird

That met me that day,

We bask in the Son,

To fly, come that may.

                                                December 4, 1991      

How to Fix the Shimmy Shakes

Written by Greg Cross


Two new tires on the truck

They put them on the back

The older ones to the front

Now the car will stay on track.


But as I am driving, I notice

Something is not quite right

The truck has the shimmy shakes
The front end does not seem tight.


Take the truck back to my mechanic

Check the balance on the front tires

Make sure everything is firm and secure

Don’t want this truck to expire.


Found the tires weren’t balanced

Had to add some weights

Till the bubble was in the center

Now we are running straight.


Such a small thing, 1 or 2 ounces.

To balance out the wheels

Oh, but what a difference

Oh, what a different feel.


No more shimmy shakes

A firm ride all the way

So much better than before

It’s great, what can I say?


Those little things in life

Such a difference they can make

Our lives get out of balance

And we get the shimmy shakes.


Bouncing down the road of life

We sense something is not right

We need to go the Master Mechanic

And let the Lord bring in the light.


For if Christ is not in the center

Unbalanced we will be

We will have the shimmy shakes

It is plain, why can’t we see?


A life centered on Christ

Will keep you firm in the faith

Riding down the narrow road of eternal life

No more of those shimmy shakes.


Trust and obey God’s holy Word

Abide in Christ and grow in grace

Submit your life fully to Christ

Free from the shimmy shakes.


“Kept By Christ”

Written by Greg Cross


I cleaned my van the other day.

Oh, boy!  What a mess!

Dirt, bugs, and asphalt from the road;

The damage I did assess.


The windshield bears some wounds.

The body has rock chips;

Water got underneath the carpet.

The inside smells like a stinky foot!


Time to take action…

The carpet and insulation came out.

Air them out for several days,

There is no time to pout.


Wash the van, check for leaks,

Spend hours rubbing off the tar.

Wash again, dry it off,

Looks like a different car!


Wax it up, rub it out.

Great!  Look at the shine!

Clean the inside to match the outside.

Oh, boy! We’re looking fine!


Carpet and insulation go back in.

Put back all the seats.

Hang a potpourri stick-up.

The van is smelling sweet!


Then, again it happens…….

The Lord comes shining through.

Taps me on the shoulder, He says,

“That van’s a lot like you.”


“You were a mess, remember,

When I first came to you?

I cleaned you up with my love.

I made you all brand new.”


“Yet, I know, this life is rough.

I bear its marks, you see.

Look at my hands, feet and side,

And then rest complete in Me.”


“When you feel the grime of life,

If the shine should start to fade,

And stinky smells rise to the top,

And rocks chip you along the way”



“Mercy, peace and love be multiplied

To those whom I have called,

Who are loved by God the Father,

And kept be Me, you all in all.

                                                April 28, 1993



Written by Greg Cross


There are precious moments, precious people, and many precious things.

Yet of He who is most precious, I, His praises sing.

For God sent His precious Son to shed His precious blood,

To save me from my sin and the coming flood.


He has made us most precious in His holy sight.

He has called us from darkness into His wondrous light.

I will ever cling to Christ, God’s precious cornerstone.

I will put trust in Christ, Who for my sin atoned.


Then, on that precious day when I kneel before His throne,

Thou art precious! Thou are precious! Thou and Thou alone!

For His glory, He will shine, so preciously sublime!

Thou art precious Thou art precious, Preciously divine!


“Redemption Draws Nigh”

Written by Greg Cross


O Lord, I just finished praying

For hearts that are so hard

‘How much longer?” I was saying,

“Till they turn unto You, Lord?”


Then I heard a loud command,

“Your redemption draweth nigh.

Stand up, stand up, lift up your hands,

Lift your head up to the sky.”


The King is coming, the King is coming!

I looked and behold a cloud

Filled with God’s holy presence,

Then a trumpet sounded loud.


I lifted slowly off the earth

Gripped by the splendor of His love,

“O thank you, Lord, for the new birth,”

As I ascended to Him above.


O glory, glory, glory, glory,

Behold the glory of His grace!

Just the beginning of the story

As I eternally behold His face!


Luke 21:28, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

                                    August 15, 1996

Standing at the fruit stand

Oh, which fruit is good?

Can I thump? Can I squeeze?

Do you think I should?


When God looks at my life,

I wander what he sees;

Am I being fruit in Him?

Like, love, faith, love, joy and peace.

-Greg Cross


Written by Greg Cross


I went to the doctor, my knee it was sore,

Limping along, my knee it felt poor.

He stretched my leg this way, stretched my leg that.

“Let’s take an x-ray,” so matter of fact.


“The bones are all right,” the x-ray declared.

“Let’s go simple with exercise fare.”

He gave me some exercises to strengthen my knee,

“Do these each and every day, then we will see.”


I did as prescribed, O wondrous effect!

Better and better did my knee get.

I can run again, I feel so good,

The whole body is better when the knee

Acts as it should.


The churches need strengthening, just like my knee.

We’re limping along, why can’t we see?

Spiritual exercises, the fare God prescribes,

Do each and every day, the Spirit delights.


Try them, you’ll see, O wondrous effect!

Closer to God, yes, closer we will get.

Look, I can run again the Christian race,

O Lord, help me daily to seek Thy face!

“The Weather is A-Changin’”

Written by Greg Cross


The weather is a-changin’

The trees in bloom in March!

The magnolia tree across the way,

Lit up like a pink torch.


The daffodils are out in force,

Their yellow heads a-laughin’.

The crocuses yellow, purple, white,

Have already spoken.


The fruit trees’ buds are swelling.

Some plum trees are in bloom.

The bees, they are a-buzzin’

Forsythias, yellow in glory, swoon.


People are out walking,

Shaking off the winter rust.

Children search for balls and gloves.

Springtime is here, they trust.


The farmer’s thoughts turn to the land.

Time to get in the fields.

Is it too soon, do you think;

Will a frost my labor steal?


Then, one night, quite unobserved

A cold, northern wind rushes past.

The temperature plunges, hopes do too.

The magnolias let out a gasp!


The daffodils no longer laugh.

Their heads cower in the cold.

Bees wish for a winter coat.

Springtime is on hold.


Life is like this, much I think.

We wish for springtime oasis.

Then, the winter winds rise up

And all our hope displaces.


The weather is a-changin’,

A warm front moving through,

Christ has come to thaw our hearts.

Our lives and hopes renew.


The weather is a-changin’.

Praise the never-changing Christ!

Will our lives bloom in His love?

Oh, how God’s Son does entice!




The weather is a-changin’.

Another cold wind pushes through.

No matter what the weather, Lord,

Help me abide in You.

                                      March 10, 1992

There Is A Time For Every Season

Written by Greg Cross


There is a time for every season

Ah, the seasons how they change

All the changes outside and inside

Inside my heart Someone’s the same.


He is the same yesterday and today

Today new mercy and grace I see

See my blessed Savior, my Lord

Lord of Lords, Kling of Kings is He.


He brings miraculous changes

Changes in their proper time

Time, a moment by moment trust

Trusting in Him.  How sublime.


Sublimely in His Holy Presence

Present with Him for all eternity

Eternally singing His praises

Praise Him, all glory be.


Being with Christ in every season

Season me with Your wondrous love

Loving, living, reflecting Christ

Christlike fruit born from above.

                                                May 30, 1996

“Time Rushes On”

Written by Greg Cross


Time rushes on like chocolate chip cookies

Set before a hungry, waiting child.

The aroma lingers and a remembrance

Of his chocolate-lipped smile.


Time rushes on, going too fast,

Graduations, wedding, anniversaries, and such.

We can’t we freeze, make it last?

There just never seems enough!


Time rushes on, such good intent

To reach out and share the Lord.

But busy schedules keep us disheveled.

‘This’ and ‘that’ we can’t ignore.


Time rushes on, faster each year,

Twenty, thirty, forty, so on.

Then at fifty, we stand back,

“Where has the time gone?”


Time rushes on to meet eternity.

Yes, time, it has a goal.

Hear time whisper, all so softly,

“Tell me, how is your soul?”


When time runs out, the rushing over,

The clock almost unwound,

Time kisses eternity, time’s true bride,

In the Lord will you be found?

                                                August 3, 1994

“Touch Me, O Lord!”

Written by Greg Cross


In the dentist’s office the other day

Yes, not the most pleasant place to go

My wife getting her teeth cleaned and checked

Daniel and I in the waiting room reposed.


As Daniel checked the waiting room art

A little lamp caught his eyes

Daniel went over and touched the lamp,

Oh boy what a great surprise!


He touched it once, the lamp came on

Once more, the lamp did brighten

Again, you think Dan would give up?

The glow of the lamp brightened.


Daniel repeated this over and over again,

Off, on again, brighter and brighter,

 This lamp held his fascination,

He the touch-lamps little lighter.


The Holy Spirit spoke to me

We are like that touch lamp you know

Until God touches us in Jesus Christ

All is darkness, there is no warm glow.


The Light of the world, Jesus Christ

His finger poised, to touch, give light,

Turn from your sin and self to Him

Your heart transformed in Christ, burn bright.


Touch me, O Lord, turn me on

O what infinite love, mercy, and grace!

Touch me again, and again, and again,

May I shine brightly for Thee, my Praise!

                                    Daniel was probably 4 or 5 at this time.

“Who Is On The Throne?”

Written by Greg Cross


God sent Moses down to Egypt

The Israelites to set free.

“Let my people go, he said to Pharaoh,

“I want them to come and worship Me.”


“Let them go! You’re kidding!”

Pharaoh royally did cry.

“Who is this God anyway?

Your request I do deny.”


“So they want to worship their God.

This I will have to fix.

Go and gather straw and stubble,

And keep makin’ all them bricks.”


The taskmasters cracked the whip.

Busy, all so busy, busier than bees;

The Israelites bent under the lash.

To Pharaoh they did plead.



“Lazy! You’re so lazy,” he said,

“Good labor is so hard to find.

Get to work. Make them bricks.

You’re wastin’ too much time!”


Times haven’t changed all that much.

Taskmasters drive us still.

Busy, busy, all so busy,

Too busy to do God’s will.


Our busyness takesmany forms…

School, work, clubs and such,

Add this, add that, and other things,

There just never seems enough…


Time to spend worshipping God.

Times seeking the Father’s will.

We are busy, all so busy,

Life becomes a bitter pill.

“A Dear Friend”

Written by Greg Cross

Many a person has leaned on me.

I felt their burden, all the weight.

Many have grasped me like a raft

When they’re drowning, “It’s too late!”


Many a nail has sunk in me

From a conscience stirred by sin.

Many a hand has let me go

To decide and go walk with Him.


Not a few heads I have rested

As they knelt and bowed in prayer.

I’ve caught a few tears of the tested

As they poured out all their cares.


I’ve felt the farmer’s calloused hand.

I’ve felt the banker’s smoother grip,

All looking for hope and a better land,

Love, peace and joy that will not slip.


I bear many a child’s teethmarks.

There was nothing else to chew.

You probably guessed this little lark.

I am the worn handrail of the pew.

                                                January 1993

A New Day Has Dawned

Written by Greg Cross


Another day has dawned,

What will this day bring?

Grumbling, discontent and strife,

Or, of my Savior will I sing?


Every day we make a choice

Of how this day we’ll spend;

Will we waste all on ourselves?

Or Christ’s hope and encouragement lend?


If we start the day off right,

Give God His proper place,

We won’t look back upon the day,

Our heads bowed in disgrace.


Lord, help us to see each day

As a gift from God above.

May we begin in prayer and praise

And show others Christian love.

                                                January 7, 1992

“A Piper Comes A’Pipping”

Written by Greg Cross


I heard it very plainly;

I could not believe.

This makes no sense, none at all.

How we are deceived!


A reporter asked the question

About violence in movies.

A movie producer said sincerely,

“This is what I perceive…”


“Just because I put violence

In movies that I produce

Does not make them violent.

Can’t you see? Can’t you deduce?”


I turned disbelieving to my wife.

“Did I hear clearly what he said?”

My wife said, “Clearly you heard him,”

As she sadly shook her heard.


Although this man might be sincere,

He is sincerely, sincerely wrong.

Yet, no one questioned his reasoning

As he sang his seductive song.


This is a sign of the times:

“What is truth?”, they bray.

“Truth is what you make it,

Have it your own way.


So the pipers’ piping lead

Into the very gates of Hell,

As we dance unto their song

And they proclaim, “All is well.”


One day before He who is Truth

All untruth will stand.

All untruth will be cast out.

Truth will rule His land.

“A Simple Potholder”

Written by Greg Cross

In a bag of chaos

Came the many cotton loops.

Not one pretty in itself,

Some twisted, some frayed, some stooped.


One by one upon a loom

By a loving hand were placed.

The pattern, unmistakable,

A reflection of His face.


Woven through with compassion,

Mercies flowing, never cease.

Loving kindness everlasting,

Abounding grace, full of joy and peace.


Tightly woven together

In the unity of the Son,

Whose blood binds the edges.

Look, His work is done!


A potholder like no other!

A virtual Joseph’s coat,

That shows forth God’s glory,

By His Spirit, His purpose wrote.


Able to withstand the heat

As we His witness bear

To a world lost in their passion,

We, His passion for them, share.

                                      July 2, 1993

“All Is Ready”

Written by Greg Cross


Chairs were set out one by one

Each lovingly in place

Looking forward to fellowship

And the growing in God’s grace.


Preparation had been made,

Oh God, prepare our hearts

For what we are about to receive,

Your Word to us impart.


One by one the calls came in,

“I can’t come,” they say,

Too much to do, other things,

Keep getting in the way.


A chair removed, one then more,

Until just a few remain;

Oh, how our lack of faith

Must cause the Father pain!


Yet Lord, for the few I thank you;

Yes, you know their names,

Who remain true to You,

Whose love for You inflames.


Set our souls on fire, Lord

With love for Jesus Christ;

Let the good news go out,

One and all invite!


Bring the chairs out, fill the place,

For that is God’s desire,

Growing in His knowledge and His grace,

Our souls in Christ aspire!


Yes, there is a chair for you,

Good has prepared a place,

 Now come, all things set aside,

Enter, the Word of Life, embrace.

                                                August 11, 1995

Another Love

Written by Greg Cross

I know once we were very close.

Everyone, everything, I put you above

Surrendered to you my life, my all

But now I’ve found another love.


The world says it’s crazy to love You alone

With all my heart, my soul, my mind,

A jealous love, that burns with desire.

This divorce, yes, I’ll try to be kind.


Another love entered my life.

I find my desires have changed.

You know Yourself, the temptation is strong.

So this you should not find strange.


Yet, I will try to visit once in a while.

Yes, my conscience I want to be clear.

No begging, no pleading, no tears can persuade.

Another love I do now hold dear.


Jesus, the great lover of my soul,

Hold me close and tight, I plea!

Give me a heart that does not wander

To other loves, love only Thee.

                                                                        September 13, 1994

“Another Way”

Written by Greg Cross

I went home for lunch the other day.

My son met me, “Hi Dad, what do you say?

Can I sell sister these ball cards of mine?

Only $2.00. The price is fine.”


“Son, do you have doubles?” I flipped.

“Yes, I have doubles,” my son let slip.

“Then, why don’t you just give them away?

A gift to your sister, what do you say?”


“Dad, you are crazy, it’s just isn’t done.

Selling or trading is all the fun.

Give them away…I must say

Selling or trading is the only way.


I smiled, “There is another way

Than selling or trading. Let’s learn today.

Jesus gives Himself freely to everyone.

Try it and see. It can be fun.


Then, somewhat reluctantly, my son did give

Without cost or trade… I think he’ll live.

Lord, teach us all the other way.

Let all give freely, what do You say?

                                                            June 17, 1993

“At Jesus Feet”

Written by Greg Cross

Many people long to behold Christ.

“Let me see Thy face,“ they so entreat;

Yet, they miss Jesus’ invitation

To come and sit at Jesus’ feet.


At Jesus’ feet there is humility.

Ask John the Baptist, yes, he knows.

“Jesus’ sandals I am not fit to carry,”

From John who dressed in camel’s clothes.


At Jesus feet there is forgiveness

Ask a sinful woman who with great tears,

Washed his feet, wiped, and anointed them;

The perfume of thanksgiving filled the air.


At Jesus’ feet there is restoration

For those filled with demons that won’t retreat.

Come, be dressed in His robe of righteousness,

Sit in your right mind at Jesus’ feet.


At Jesus’ feet there is healing.

Bring the crippled, blind and lame.

Come to the balm of Gilead.

You will never be the same.


At Jesus’ feet there is wisdom.

Come join Mary listening at His feet.

Truth of God’s eternal kingdom open up

For all those who hunger and who seek.


At Jesus feet there are hard lessons.

Many times they do unnerve.

“As I did to you, wash other’s feet.

Go and in My name, humbly serve.”


At Jesus’ feet there is intercession.

Jarius pleading at those feet so fair,

“Come and heal my only daughter.”

Jesus went and did a great miracle there.


At Jesus feet there is endless hope.

The women coming from the tomb still say,

“Come, clasp His feet and worship Him.

He is the Resurrection and the Life today.”


At Jesus’ feet there is encouragement.

Before the bronze, glowing feet, John fell in dread.

“Do not be afraid. I am First and Last

I am the Living One, no longer dead.”




Come to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

The First and Last.  His grace will never cease.

The Living Lord, once dead, alive forevermore,

Come and take your place at Jesus feet.

                                                November 11, 1994


“Check You Buttons”

Written by Greg Cross


Buttoning my shirt one sleepy morn

My fingers did their work.

One look in the mirror, to my surprise,

A very crooked, misaligned shirt!


All the buttons in the wrong holes.

The top button laughing free.

Why, I cannot go out like this.

A fool they’ll think of me.


Undo the buttons, straighten the shirt.

Take it from the top.

Button the buttons one by one.

Don’t dawdle, do not stop.


There, it’s done.  No little feat!

Each button in it’s place.

My shirt is straight, thank you Lord

For this lesson of your grace!


For now, I see quite plainly.

Each button has it’s hole.

The start is so important

For the finish of the soul.


Jesus Christ, He is the start,

God’s One and Only Son.

He took my sins upon Himself.

His redeeming work is done.


Each button thence that follows

Is a work of God’s pure grace.

Til that day I will see

My Lord and Savior face to face.


Dressed in His robe of righteousness,

Not off kilter will it be.

Buttons of His love, mercy and grace

Lasting for all eternity.

                                    April 21, 1993


Written by Greg Cross


A choice is set before us

Yes, it is do or die

Everyone must make a choice

And in that choice abide.


Will I save my life for myself?

Yes, this choice I may choose,

But in the end, a bad choice,

For in this choice I lose.


Or will I lose my life for Christ?

O look at all God gave,

His precious Son, His precious life,

My choice, O Lord, do save!


Now make your choice, do not delay

The appointed time has come,

I pray you’ll choose to lose your life,

Surrender to God’s own Son!

                               December 1995

“By Faith”

Written by Greg Cross


The widow of Zarephath, in faith,

Yes, she lost her life;

She gave unto Elijah, bread,

Trusting God’s Word, not her sight.


She could have gained one more meal

If she’d walked by sight,

Death would have followed quickly,

Missed God’s blessing, Missed God’s light.


For Jesus tells us quite plainly

Whoever wants to save his life will lose,

But whosoever loses his life for Christ

Will save it, which one “will” you choose?


If she would have saved her life,

Kept the bread for herself and her son,

Her life, she surely would have lost,

The victory would not have been won.


In faith, she acted upon God’s Word,

God gave her new hope and new life;

Come, lose your life, give it to Christ,

Walk by faith and not by sight.

“Christ And…”

Written by Greg Cross


There is something going down

Called “Christ and this and that”

All the while, the people drown

While Satan smugly tips his hat.


Christ is not enough, they say,

We need psychology, tongues and works.

Loved ones, we have been betrayed,

As Satan just laughs and smirks.


I have discovered in my life,

Christ is truly all I need,

No, Not “Christ and this and that”,

Christ alone is our sufficiency.

                                    January 8, 1992


Written by Greg Cross


Lord, I have received Your anointment.

In my mouth, You have placed Your Word.

Oh Lord, sometimes, the disappointment,

I wonder, “Has anybody heard?”


I speak Your Word again and again.

I can’t help it, the fire burns!

I call, but there is no answer.

Oh, how my heart does yearn.


To see a fire kindled,

A life transformed anew.

Your mercy, it never dwindles,

Your abundant grace, not for the few.


Were you ever disappointed, Lord?

I know the answer well.

“Loved One, I’m disappointed

Every time a soul slips into Hell.”




“My son, I knew disappointment too,

When on the earth I walked.

“Who’s the greatest”, they did argue.

I heard my disciples talk.”


“Did I know disappointment?

My son, look to Jerusalem.

 Oh, how I loved my people,

Even though so steeped in sin.”


“Did I know disappointment?

At the lack of faith I sighed!

My son, I too had an anointment.

My anointment was to die.”


“Yet, My son, I rose to life.

May My hope rise in you!

My son, stand firm in the strife.

My grace, My Word renews.”


“So speak, My son, loud and clear.

Dress not the wound falsely.

Point them to My precious blood

I shed for them at Calvary.”


“On that great day of judgment,

My Word in you will stand.

I called, you did not answer.

Great disappointment is at hand.”


“I will thrust them from my presence.

Great disappointment we will feel.

We spoke.  They did not listen.

Hell is what their life did yield.”


“Disappointment for a moments time,

My son, Joy is coming soon!

Life eternal with the risen Christ!

I am making all things new!”


“So now, for the present,

Rest in Me, My son.

Speak My Word again and again.

In Christ, the victory is won!”

Jeremiah 8

                                                                                                                                                                                                       August 18, 1993

“Even Now… Even Then”

Written by Greg Cross


Even now her life is fading.

Day by day she lays and waits.

Somehow, seems so degrading

Hope is gone, is no escape.


All words fail, oh how they stumble

In face of suffering and pain,

To watch her body slowly crumble,

See her helpless and so lame.


She calls out to you, Lord,

“Take me please! Just let me die!”

Her words no longer guarded.

There is nothing left to hide.


Oh Lord, how shall I pray

For Your child who suffers long?

Oh Lord, help me this day

To lift up my heart’s song.


Even now, Lord, hear the words.

Even now, they reverberate.

Even now, Lord, I am sure

Thou art able, though it’s late.


Even now, Thou could raise her up

Just like Lazarus of old.

Even now, if Thou art willing

Thou could restore her whole.


Even now, I lift her up to Thee.

Even now, I leave her in Your care.

Even now, may we Your glory see.

Even now, Your praises share.


And if that day shall come

When her pain and suffering cease,

When her last breath is gone

And her soul has found release…


Even then, Lord, I will praise Thee

For Thy promises so true.

Even though all I cannot see,

In faith, I know she’ll be with You.

                                                May 11, 1994


“Fear or Faith”

Written by Greg Cross

A furious squall comes up in life,

The waves crash against your boat.

Nearly swamped, you are going down,

You cling tightly to a rope.


A cry of desperation,

“Jesus, don’t you care?

I’m going down. There is no hope.

Jesus, are you there?”


A lone figure in the stern

Rises from His place

Rebukes the wind, “Waves, be still.”

Calm reigns upon His face.


“My child, I care, more that you know.

Look to the cross and see.

Fear or faith, you must choose.

Which one will it be?”


“Faith in me to save your soul.

Faith in me to see you though.

Faith in me  to bring you home.

Fear or faith. You must choose.”


As the fear drips off of me,

His care etched in His hands and feet,

Fear or faith, I must choose,

How the storms of life to meet.


Oh Lord, grant me Your grace.

Do not let fear alarm.

Now, I know how much you care.

You are with me in the storm.

                             July 15, 1993

“Fresh Faith”

Written by Greg Cross


I reached for a fig bar, a little snack

Popped it in my mouth, I was taken aback

Hard and dry, not moist and fresh,

Spit it out of my mouth and into the trash.


Lord, when people sample my faith in Thee

Is it moist and fresh or hard as can be?

Fresh faith, fresh faith, like fresh baked bread

The smell so enticing, so inviting, turns heads.


Oh Lord, for fresh faith, mine is getting old,

I see something green, it could be mold!

Renew this hard heart, make it moist and fresh

Use me in Your service, the way You see best!

“From My Own Lips”

Written by Greg Cross


From His own lips, the precious Son of God

From His own lips, come from heaven above

From Thine own lips, O God, I would hear

From Thine own lips, I hold you, child, dear.


From My own lips, child, forgiven in Me

From My own lips, thou are set free

Form My own lips, Come take up your cross.

From My own lips, you shall not suffer loss.


From My own lips, I’ll forever be with thee

From My own Lips, My glory you’ll see

From My own lips, encircling My throne

From My own lips, I’ll bring thee home.


From my own lips, O Lord, praise Your name!

From my own lips, O Lord, help me to proclaim

From my own lips, throughout all eternity

From my own lips, Lord of Lord and King of Kings.


Luke 22:71  “Why do we need any more testimony? We have heard it from his own lips.”

God’s Revelation

Written by Greg Cross


We build our lives brick by brick.

Many choices we do make.

And when the building is complete,

Oh! What a horrible mistake!


Our houses we have built of stone

Are really chains that bind.

The walls, the whole, mortared with self

Where God’s light cannot shine.


Put to death this monster-self.

Trash it all, crumble the walls!

Bring me to Thy cross, dear Lord.

Let Thy light upon me fall!

“In The Storm”

Written by Greg Cross


God, He is for us, this you can see

He sent His Son that we may believe.

Christ took our sins, on the cross they were laid,

Helplessness turned to hope. He arose from the grave.


Christ ascended unto heaven, intercedes for us there,

Sent the Holy Spirit down, why do we fear?

He is present with us, yet storms how they raise,

Waves of doubt crashing over us, O Lord, please awake!


Our Keeper does not sleep. Our Keeper does care,

He alone can calm the storms, He knows what we can bear.

So trust in the Lord whether fair weather or foul

For God His is with us, never throw in the towel.


Persevere in the Lord, Persevere in your faith.

God will bring you through, To Him all glory and grace!


“Is It All You Thought It Would Be?”

Written by Greg Cross


  Is it all you thought it would be,

On the night I showed you your sin?

Remember, you did not come easily

Your life, I fought to win.


Is it all you thought it would be,

On the night My glory did show?

Grace and mercy with abounding love

Did you forget how they did flow?


Is it all you thought it would be,

On the night I made the call?

Did you think things would go easily

Right into place, like dominoes, fall?


Is it all you thought it would be,

          All the suffering, grief and pain?

Leading my sheep and seeking the lost,

          Losing your life so they might gain?


Is it all you thought it would be,

          Do you know now My beloved son?

I slowly am forming Myself in thee,

          Through the Cross the victory is won?

                                       September 2, 1992

“Little or Much”

Written by Greg Cross


Little or much, two words that do play

Over in my mind each and every day.

Little or much, my love to Thee,

Little or much, do others see.


Too little prayer, too little of Your Word.

Too much of me for You to be heard.

Too little concern, compassion and caring,

Too much of myself I do see staring…


Back in the mirror from whence I stand.

Too little of Christ, Lord, Thy Kingdom expand!

Much love for Thee, much love for my brothers,

Much love for Thee, much love for others.


Much glory to Thee, much singing Thy Praise,

For little is much in Thy Kingdom ways.


Written by Greg Cross


When we think of missionary

We don’t think of us.

 We think of others.

We are so out of touch.

If God has transformed us,

Made us brand new,

 We are on mission.

Tell what Christ has done for you.

                   Luke 8:39

“O the Joy”

Written by Greg Cross

O the joy in my heart

when a lost one is



O the joy in my heart

when a person turns



O the joy in my heart

when people grow in the



O the joy in my heart

when I think of what’s in



O the joy in my heart

when in heaven we will



O the joy in my heart

when the glory will be



O the joy in my heart

when our crowns we will



O the joy in my heart

when I behold Him at



O the joy in my heart

when I hear the angels



O the joy in my heart

when my praise I will



O the joy in my heart

when for all



O the joy in my heart

Lord of Lord and King

 of Kings!

                   December 1995

Open For Me the Gate of Righteousness

Written by Greg Cross


Open for me the gate of righteousness

That I may enter in

Open for me the gate of righteousness

That I may enter in

Open the gate of righteousness

That I may enter in

Enter in! Enter in! Enter in!


To come through this gate you need perfect righteousness

Then you can enter in

To come through this gate you need perfect righteousness

Then you can enter in

To come through this gate you need perfect righteousness

Then you can enter in

Enter in! Enter in! Enter in!


But I’m a poor sinner, wholly unrighteous

How can I enter in?

But I’m a poor sinner, wholly unrighteous

How can I enter in?

But I’m a poor sinner, wholly unrighteous

How can I enter in?

Enter in! Enter in! Enter in!


Lord, have mercy, grant me Your righteousness

So I can enter in!

Lord, have mercy, grant me Your righteousness

So I can enter in!

Lord, have mercy, grant me Your righteousness

So I can enter in!

Enter in! Enter in! Enter in!


I give You thanks for You answered me

Praise God I have entered in!

I place my faith in Christ alone

Praise God I have entered in!

Jesus my redeemer, my righteousness, my holiness

Praise God I entered in!

Enter in! Enter in! Enter in!


This is the day the Lord has made

O Come and let’s enter in

Let us rejoice and be glad in it

O come and let’s enter in

Jesus came for sinners. Not for the righteous

O come sinner you may enter in!

He is the one true gate of righteousness

O come and enter in!

                                      Psalm 118:19-24



“Peace of Mind in the Storms”

Written by Greg Cross


O Lord, my heart is often like the waves

Filled with fear and filled with doubt

I feel like I am going under, under

And then you hear me desperately shout!


“Lord, save me, I am drowning!

Awaken, come quickly to my aid!”

“Be calm child,” comes your answer,

“O you of little faith.”


“Don’t you know that I am with you?

Don’t you know that you are mine?

Don’t you know that I’ll protect you?

For I am gracious, I am kind.”


“I love you with an everlasting love

I chose you as my very own

Rest in Me, your all in all

I will bring you safely home.”



Written by Greg Cross


Demon-possessed, oh, see his state

Naked, cast out, alone, what a fate.

The shackles and chains, O how they grate.

Most shook their heads, “It is too late.”


“Beyond help is he, what can we do?”

The stories of him, O how they grew.

Then one day Jesus came to the land

The demons cast out, the pigs they ran.


The man sitting calm at Jesus’ feet

Clothed, in his right mind, O glorious defeat!

The devil is cast out, sin no longer enslaves.

The Son is victorious, rose up out of the grave!


Go, tell what great things that God has done.

Your life transformed by His Precious Son!

                             Luke 8:27

“Power Outage”

Written by Greg Cross

The sings of a power outage

Are quite plain for one to see;

Especially those of us

With homes of all electricity.


The lights go out all at once,

No warning, how darkness grows;

The house starts growing colder,

Can’t cook on the electric stove.


The refrigerator is warming up.

I hope the food doesn’t spoil;

Oh, please restore the power,

I need to sweep, the carpet is soiled.


The electric can opener sits useless.

The clock stopped upon the wall,

Reminding me of the time

That the power took a fall.


Oh, I guess somebody called

The electric power utility,

So here I sit, I sit, I sit,

 My electric toothbrush winks at me.


Blankets piled high on me,

Is that my breathe I see in the air?

Oh, I hope somebody called.

I do hope somebody cares.


The church of the Living God

Oh Lord, I get the point.

Pour Your power upon us,

With your Holy Spirit anoint!

                                      January 18, 1996

“Promise, Faith, Provision”

Written by Greg Cross


Promise, Faith, Provision

Is the Bible way.
God’s promise are clear,

Hear, do not delay.


His promises abound,

Hear His call to faith,

Believe My Words, act on them,

Now, what do you say?


God will provide.

Ask Moses, Ask Abraham,

Promise, Faith, Provision,

All are in God’s hand.


Lest we take this to extremes

Two bookends I do insist,

God’s Will and God’s Glory

Will keep us from going amiss.

“Shine, Jesus, Shine!”

Written by Grog Cross

Down on my knees one early morn,

Scrubbing hard; “Top Job” cutting through.

Scrub and rinse, rinse and scrub,

What else can I do?


Dirt of ages piled high,

Ground in food, tar and grease,

I wish there were another way

All this soil to release.


Oh, my knees are getting sore.

Haven’t used them in some time.

“Lord, it’s easy to be humbled

In all this dirt and grime!”


At three o’clock, five hours later

I stand up… Well, almost!

My lower back is stiff and sore.

But there is no time to coast.


Sponge on “Future” on the floor,

Not one coat, make it three.

Catch a quick rest in between.

Doctor the blister on my knee.


The floor is done, how it shines!

“Home and Garden” should be here

Taking before and after snapshots.

Oh, how the shine does cheer!


Now, I know…some will say,

“Mop and Glo’ would have done fine.

A quick go-over, all so sweet

Would have taken much less time”


“Mop and Glo’” doesn’t cut the crud,

Although it shines up well

But shiny grime and much less time

Will send one into Hell.


For God did not send His Son

To gloss over all the dirt.

Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross

Reveals the pain and hurt


That sin does cause everyone.

“Mop and Glo’” sin, no, not me!

Let’s “Top Job” sin, cut right through,

As we humbly bow our knee.


And we will see God’s glory

Shining brightly on our face.

For His precious Son He did send

To bear all our sin and our disgrace.


So let God’s glory shine, shine, shine.

May His glory rise in you!

Through the resurrective life of Christ

You can be made brand new!

“So Close, But So Far Away”

Written by Greg Cross


To be so close to Jesus,

but so far away,

Physically present

but spiritually stray.

Lost as a penguin

in a dry desert see,

Lost, all so lost,

but not seeing the need

For Christ to touch you

and make you whole.

Blindness to sin

has taken its toll.

Lord, for those who seek You,

sinners though we be

Yes, You will touch us

with Your salvation so free!

                   Luke 7:39

Springtime Of His Grace

Written by Greg Cross

Springtime rains are dancing down

Softening the hard winter ground.


What once looked dead, now awake!

New life is here, the old forsake!


Flowers bloom and trees do bud,

Promises of a coming flood


Of new hope for he who seeks

The Son pours grace upon the meek.


Abundant grace within our hearts

Christlikeness planted in every part.


The old dies, the new takes root,

Grows and blossoms, then bears fruit.


That glorifies the King of Kings.

Of Him alone may our lives sing!

                                      April 9, 1993

“That Day”

Written by Greg Cross


Lord, this world is filled with sin.

Wicked men in their pride do plot

While they whisper to themselves,

“God does not see; He has forgot.”


Yes, they think You are blind

To all their wicked ways;

Happily, unshakably, they go along.

They forget about that day…


Yes, there will be an accounting.

Each wickedness will be found;

The haughty pride, the boasting shattered,

Their faces huddled in the ground.


Trying to escape the inescapable,

Their sin piled loathsome, black and high

Before a holy, awesome Lord,

Listen to their hideous cries!


Oh, change our hearts in Jesus Christ,

Smash the pride, cover all the sin,

Do not forget me, O Lord, I plead,

Through Christ, the victory, win.


The Lord is king forever!

 Nations perish from His land,

But we, O Lord, have cried out to You,

In Christ, You’ve extended Your hand!

                                                            Psalm 10

“The Great Divide”

Written by Greg Cross


The Gospel divides, hear the Word fall,

Some receive it, some but not all;

Two definite sides, which are you on?

Please, come and surrender to God’s own Son.

Take a stand for Truth, for Christ is the Way,

No matter how others protest or what others say;

When the division is made, this I do pray,

You’ll be found in Christ, cross the great divide today!

                                      Acts 14:4

The Olive Press

Written by Greg Cross

In the Garden of Gethsemane

Known as the olive press

I see my Savior beckoning me

He went, can I do less?


My flesh cries out sorrowfully

Pity, Have pity on me!

Supreme anguish fills my heart

As I fall upon my knees.


I look and see my Savior and Lord

He gazes lovingly in my eyes

The good shepherd staying and keeping watch

From God’s will I can no longer hide!


O God, too long, I must confess

My will has prevailed on Thee

My dreams, my plans, my wants, my desires,

Are all that I could see!


The Spirit is willing, the flesh is weak,

O help me Father I pray,

Come and have your blessed will,

Come and don’t delay.


Crush me into meekness

In Gethsemane, the olive press

Till the pure oil of submission flows

To do your will, no less!

                                           September 13,2003

“The One In This ‘No One’”

Written by Greg Cross


There is very disturbing Scripture,

I had to read it twice,

Despite what many people think

We are not very nice.


“There is no one righteous, not even one”

That is what the Scriptures says.

“No one righteous, except me,”

We think up in our head.


It gets worse, I must read on.

“There is no one who understands.

No one, not one, who seeks God.”

No one throughout the land.


All have turned away it seems.

Worthless they have become.

There is no one, no one, who does good.

We are worthless, everyone!



Yet, in my heart, I know they’re true.

I know that I am lost.

Dear Lord, please help this “no one”,

Whatever it may cost.


God sent His One and Only Son

To save “all” the “no one’s” souls.

To grant them Jesus’ righteousness.

Yes, that is God’s goal.


To God in Christ the “no ones” turn

The Lord their God they seek.

God gives them understanding,

Grants great worth unto the meek.


God pours His grace in Jesus Christ

Into the “no one’s” hearts.

God works His amazing grace,

Christ’s goodness he imparts.


Now I see, My Lord and God

That Your Word is always true.

You’ve filled this “no one” with your “One” Son.

All glory, honor, and praise belong to you.


“The Telling Part”

Written by Greg Cross


Whatever you truly desire,

Whom or what you crave,

That is what you do,

Don’t object, don’t be knave.


We cannot separate actions from desire,

A link forged within our hearts,

Not what we say, what we do,

Is the telling part.

“The Thief on the Cross”

Written by Greg Cross


We sing “Give God all the Glory…”

But Lord, I must confess

Sometimes, I steal Your glory.

Oh Lord, the worthlessness…


What is it, Lord, inside of me?

My intentions seems so good

I love you, Lord. I really do.

But not as much as I should.


This sinful nature can defile

The purest motive Your Spirit sparks.

What should bring joy and happiness

Often leaves me in the dark.


O Lord, I did it again.

Dear God, how many times

Will you forgive this thievery?

O Lord, it’s such a crime.


My tears, I do despise myself.

Behold the thief upon the cross;

Remember me, O Lord, my God

Without you I’d be lost.

Your words, so Precious, I do hear,

“Today, yes, today, My son,

You will be with Me in paradise.

In Me the victory is won.”

                                    January 5, 1996


The Total Towel Truth

Written by Greg Cross


A very simple truth

These are the bestest kind

So very simple to understand

And yet so majestically sublime.


One such truth this morning

Revealed in the lowest of spaces

Taking a shower in the bathroom

Washing the dirt from all those places


Washing done, time to dry

Which towel shall I pick?

White white or red red

The white I grabbed real quick.


White towels are so beautiful

Though they really show the dirt

Now I could chose another color

Then I would not be hurt.


For red towels hide the dirt

Or a brown maybe the best

But a white towel hides nothing

I hope I pass the test.


For God sent His only Son

Jesus, the whitest white I know

He, the selfless, perfect Lamb,

 The Bible tells me so.


He is the standard, whitest white

Not blue, or black or grey

There is no one greater, no not one

Come to Christ today.


Receive God’s forgiveness in Christ

Receive Christ’s perfect righteousness

He will clothe you in a robe of white

And in His sufficiency rest.

“Thy Will Be Done”

Written by Greg Cross

When I kneel down and pray

I quickly run out of things to say.

Time to get up and do my thing.

I wonder when God, His blessings will bring.


Yet, in the distance I hear peal

“Seek My will with all zeal.

Adjust your whole life unto Me.

Then the blessings you will see.”


Lord, is that you, surely not.

I’m going to miss my coffee klatch.

The smell of danish is on my mind.

Yes, the thought is quite sublime.


Time is short. I need to run.

Lord, bless my day, may I have fun.

Tomorrow we shall meet again.

Thank you, Lord. You’re such a friend.

                                                October 22, 1993


Written by Greg Cross

I may not have tomorrow, but I have today

To sing of God’s mercy, to tell of His grace.

To constantly praise Him, O glories unfold,

Purchased by Christ’s blood, more precious than gold.


I may not have tomorrow, but I have today

To share the love of Christ with someone gone astray.

O seeking the lost ones Chris died to redeem,

I am Thy light, Lord, O light shed thy beam.


I may not have tomorrow, but I have today

To tell my children to love and to obey,

To acknowledge God, yes child, in all of thy ways,

Seek after God, follow Christ, all of your days.


I may not have tomorrow, but I have today

To love my wife with His love, O what do you say?

Submitting to Christ, both lets’ kneel at His throne,

Thy Kingdom come, make this house Your home.


O glory, O glory, fill me with Your love,

Hallelujah and praise to eternal God above.

To He who was and Who is and Who will be

I commit all my todays and tomorrows to Thee!


“Treasure Hunt”

Written by Greg Cross

Tell me, where is your treasure. Please honestly assess

What do you value, do you love best?

For where your treasure is, your heart will also be.

Look at your treasure. Your heart you will see.


Blindness does keep us from seeing the truth;

God’s Word will guide us for He desires to loose

Us from treasures that He knows will fail.

O Lord, I pray, Your Kingdom will prevail.


Grant me Thy Kingdom that is Your good pleasure.

Your Kingdom my heart will eternally treasure.

Blessed is the Father, Blessed is the Son,

Blessed is the Holy Spirit, Three Treasures in One.

                                                          Luke 12:34

“True Comfort”

Written by Greg Cross


Many are searching for comfort

From air conditioners to t.v.s,

Or Lazy-boy recliners,

Or sipping cool Nestea


This world offers many comforts.

I know. I’ve tried a few.

In these comforts there’s no comfort.

Though they make a big “to do.”


For deep inside the soul of man

No comfort in this world is there.

Only He who is the Comforter

Can bring hope out of despair.


My hope lays not in this world.

No comfort here I find.

For the comfort of the Comforter

Is the comfort that’s sublime.

                        Luke 6:20, 24

                        June 26, 1994

“What Do You Say”

Written by Greg Cross


Where is your trust?

Where does it lay?

In a person or thing?

What do you say?


Is your trust in riches?

Is you trust in fame?

Is our trust in your sight?

What do you say?


Is our trust in religion?

Is your trust in words people bray?

Is your trust in yourself?

What do you say?


Is your trust in Christ?

On the cross did He pay?

Are your sins forgiven?

What do you say?


Is your trust in Christ?

Do Him you obey?

Are you singing His praises?

What do you say?


Is your trust in His hope?

So you wait for the day?

Is Christ coming again?

What do you say?


Is your trust in His love?

To Him do you pray?

Are you living for Jesus?

What do you say?


Psalm 20:7  “Some trust in chariots and others trust in horses, but we will trust in the Lord our God.”

                                    October 21, 1993

“What Would You Do”

Written by Greg Cross

What would you say

If you found out

Tomorrow is your last day?

Would you scream?

Would you shout?

Would you kneel and pray?

Would you change anything,

Anything at all,

If you knew tomorrow

That the Lord would call?

Would you mend some fences?

Share Christ with friends and family?

Perhaps commit you life to Christ?

Yes, there is urgency.

Time is running out,

The sun down in the sky.

Nighttime is drawing near,

Time to say goodbye.

A question quite provoking,

Yes, I know is true.

Yet, all the same, tell me,

Just what would you do?

                                    July 15, 1993

“A Painful Thing”

Written by Greg Cross

Let us go back and see our brethren there

Where we have visited and preached the Word.

Let’s see how they are doing, growing in the Lord,

Together in Christ with one accord.


A very painful thing, to go back and see,

What has become of many who confessed Thee.

Often so complacent, some fallen away,

O Lord, where’s the passion, the passion to stay…


In your grace and mercy, Your Son Jesus Christ,

All our sin forgiven, yes, He is the Light!

His vast grace and knowledge, treasures to explore,

Now and for all eternity, yes, forevermore.


Yet, Lord I do thank you for there are a few,

Who are so faithful, who are so true.

Your love, how it shines, I see it in their faces,

Filled up with Your mercies and multitude of graces.

                                                                        Acts 15:36



Written by Greg Cross


See Paul the captive as he travels the Damascus Road,

Captive to sin, self, and hate, O they had a hold!

A bright light, Jesus glorified, to Paul did appear,

The Christians Paul came to arrest no longer had to fear.

For Paul had become a captive, a captive of Christ,

A chosen vessel to bear Christ’s name, one and all invite.

Behold, the captive captivated by God’s love, mercy and grace,

Paul preach Christ crucified, Christ risen, Christ embrace!

See Paul captive in prison, beaten with many stripes.

Hear Paul praying, singing hymns to God, a captive of Christ.

Paul and a captive audience, prisoners listen to them.

Paul and Silas sing, sing out, all glory, honor and praise belong to Him!

The foundations shook, an earthquake, everyone’s chains were loosed,

The keeper of the prison quaked, sword drawn, ready to use.

Paul called out with a loud voice, “Do yourself no harm,

 We are all here, come and see, there’s no cause for alarm.”

The keeper of the prisoner, a captive, truly enslaved,

Cried out to Paul and Silas, “Sirs, what must I so to be saved?”

Another captive set free, taken captive to Jesus Christ

Come captives, come one and all, be captivated with He who is Light.

                                                          Acts 16:25

                                                                        February 8, 1996


Captive is one of those strange words that has two shades of meaning: 1.) A person enslaved or dominated (by fear, etc.), A person help prisoner, kept in restraint.  2.) Enslaved by love, beauty, etc.  Captivated.

The poem is a play on these two meanings.  By the way, everyone is captive to someone or something.  How about you?

“Close to Thee, Lord”

Written by Greg Cross


Closer to Thee Lord, closer to Thee,

This I desire, this is my plea.

Closer to Thee Lord, closer to Thee,

More of your glory, Lord may I see.


Closer to Thee Lord, my heart grows faint.

Closer to Thee Lord, I feel the taint

Of my sin Lord, O closer to Thee.

More of your glory, Lord may I see.


Closer to Thee Lord, before the cross

I count it all Lord, everything loss,

To gain You Lord, O closer to Thee.

More of your glory, Lord may I see.


Closer to Thee Lord, all of the way,

To bow in Your presence that glorious day.

Whiter than snow Lord, in Christ, in Thee,

All of Your glory, Lord I will see.

                                                            March 26, 1993

“Carbon Build-Up”

Written by Greg Cross


The van is hard starting lately,

I wonder, “What could it be?”

Pop out the sparkplugs one by one

To see what I can see.


Carbon fouled, there is no doubt

This blackness must be removed.

Clean the plugs, reset the gap

So the spark can cut right through.


How amazing! I can’t believe

The difference clean plugs can make!

Starts right up, runs smoother too,

Is better for all our sakes.


A pure heart, good conscience, sincere faith

Like sparkplugs, these give life.

Should our love for Christ grow cold,

Check for signs of sin and strife.


Remove the sin, draw close to God.

How amazing! I can’t believe

What a difference Christ can make

When there is nothing between Him and me.

“God’s Provision”

Written by Greg Cross


The ways that God provides

Are sometimes very strange indeed;

A raven and a widow of Zarephath

God sent to meet Elijah’s need.


God told Noah, “Build an ark.”

Noah asked, “In this desert place?”

Yet, Noah listened to God’s Word,

He built an ark in faith.


God told Moses, “Raise your staff,

Straight on through the sea you go.”

The way revealed before concealed,

God’s great glory, how it showed!


God told Gideon, “Too many men,

300 with torches and pitchers it will be.”

To defeat the Midianite invaders

Who were numerous as the sea.


And of all God’s promises I’m most amazed

That He sent His One and Only Son

To take our sin upon Himself

On the cross, His work is done!


God provided in mysterious ways

The King of Glory is he;

God’s ways are not man’s ways,

Hallelujah, to God all praises be!


“God’s Revelation To Simon”

Written by Greg Cross


“Simon, let down your net,”

the Lord He did say.

“Master, we toiled all night long.

Now night’s turned into day.

The nets are clean and drying,

The work has taken all of me.”

“Simon, Simon, let down the net,”

said the Master of the sea.


Simon, he did listen

through not quite convinced.

“A waste,” he did think to himself.

Just then the net began to flinch.

Flinch went to tug

And tug went to pull.

“Pull ‘em in boys,” Simon cried,

“The nets, they are chockfull.”

So many flopping, flipping fishes,

The boat began to sink.

Simon, awestruck, fell at Jesus knee.

For God revealed the connecting link.

“O Lord,” said Simon, “I’m a sinner, do pity.”

Jesus said, “Don’t worry.  All will be well.

A different job I give to you,

Follow Me, Simon, the Gospel to tell.”

                                      Luke 5:4

“God’s Still On the Throne”

Written by Greg Cross


Sunday morning is over.

People come and gone.

The sanctuary is empty.

God’s still on the throne!


Sunday night a few return.

See, the lights are on.

The sanctuary empties.

God’s still on the throne!


Wednesday night, fewer still.

Prayers of the saints are sown.

The sanctuary empties.

God’s still on the throne!


If no one would enter,

If everyone stayed home,

The sanctuary empty,

God’s still on the throne!


If everyone denies Him,

No one sings His song,

All the sanctuaries empty,

God’s still on the throne!


Time is now over.

Eternity stands alone.

The sanctuary is full.

God’s still on the throne!


Every knee is bowing,

Knees that never bowed before.

Every tongue confesses

That Jesus Christ is Lord!


The chaff separates from the wheat.

In His holy presence, many groan.

The sanctuary is emptying.

God’s still on the throne!


God’s true church remains.

In prayer and praise adorn.

The sanctuary is full

God is on the throne!

In His Image

Written by Greg Cross


Many say we’re here by chance,

Just be merry, drink, and live.

The Bible says it isn’t so.

We’re made in God’s image to give.


God is the greatest giver.

His blessings never cease.

He sent His Son Jesus Christ

To purchase our release.


Christ frees us from self and sin,

And other things that bind.

Christ sets us free to give

His love to all mankind.


To give God’s love full and free,

In Him I must abide.

Only then, will others see

The love of the crucified.


“Life Outside the Walls”

Written by Greg Cross


There are walls around me,

Unseen, but very real.

Begging to be broken down,

These walls true joy does steal.


There’s security inside these walls,

They are high and thick, you see.

These walls are a great deception,

For they imprison you and me.


Yes, it’s true! I’ve see you!

Upon the ramparts of your walls,

Staring out, so pleadingly,

Secretly hoping for a fall.


Our guards, they call us inward,

“Do not stray”, they try to stall.

“Hurt and pain and risk abound,

Be safe, stay inside the wall.”


Christ calls us out, Hear His voice,

He trumpets, “Come and risk and live!”

In Christ the walls come tumblin’ down.

New life and love in Him begins.

                                                January 15, 1993

“Looking Back Bring Me Forward”

Written by Greg Cross


Looking back over this day,

Its journey come to end,

In my bed, in thought I lay,

What message did God send?


I read a book; it pierced my heart

Called Our Sufficiency in Christ.

The words the adrenalin did start,

Oh, how the words enticed!


To be found in Christ and Christ alone,

To not swerve left or right,

To some day kneel at His throne,

His full glory in my sight!


Lord, my life is in your hands.

In Your strength I will rely.

Bring me to Your promised land,

Your unfailing love will I eternally cry!

                                                January 9, 1992

“O Wonderful Grace”

Written by Greg Cross

O wonderful grace that brought me to


O wonderful grace that set me


Christ alone is my pardon, He is my


O Your wonderful grace, daily I



O wonderful grace, work in my


O wonderful grace, cleanse every


O wonderful grace, Christ-likeness


O wonderful grace, each day a new



O wonderful grace that flow from Your


O wonderful grace all my sins



O wonderful grace, You’ve made me Your


 O wonderful grace, daily bring me



O wonderful grace, all eternity to


O wonderful grace that saved my soul from


O wonderful grace, joyfully ring out the


O wonderful grace, help me daily to


One Winter Morn

Written by Greg Cross


In my house one winter morn

All the curtains they are drawn.

Seems so dark and all so dim,

No light can enter in…


Should I get up, open them?

Should I let the sunshine in?

Or sit here cold and shivering?

I have a choice of which to bring.


Fling back things that divide

Me from this grace I cannot hide.

Let His light come in I plead.

Lord, Your light is what I need.


I get up, He meets me there.

He says, “Child, no need to fear,

Pull the cord, do not delay.

Let Me come in the day!”


I’m in tears, He helps me pull,

His light comes in so full!

Flooding the darkness of my heart,

Cleansing each and every part.


‘Welcome, My son”, He says to me,

“I’ve been waiting anxiously for thee,

To pull the cord and let Me in.

That which divides is at an end.”


“The curtain torn from its place,

Can no longer bring disgrace.

You are in Me and Mine alone.

I’ve paid the price; I’ve made you whole.”


Oh, the warmth that I did feel

At His presence I did kneel,

“M Lord, my God”, I humbly cried,

In Your love help me abide.”


His voice, I heard His say,

“Should doubts or fears ever dismay,

Daily look to My loving face.

Feast on the riches of My grace.”

                                                January 17, 1992

“Prayer For The Multitudes”

Written by Greg Cross


Lord, I long to see multitudes come unto Thee.

Lord, this is my prayer, this is my plea.

Yet, I’m less than bold, timid am I.

Rather than go forth, I often hide.


Lord, without Thee I’m so lost, so unable to do.

Lord, how I know You desire to work through;

O Lord, work through me, fill me with Your power divine,

That people might see you, no longer be blind.


Multitudes, multitudes, multitudes are lost.

O God, Your Precious Son, You sent, O the cost!

His precious blood, His precious life,

For multitudes, multitudes, You did sacrifice!


I pray for the multitudes, lift unto Thee,

Help me to see the multitudes round me.

Help me to witness to Your mercy and grace,

Bid one and all come, come see His face!



Written by Greg Cross

We would like to ask God questions.

Job had quite a few.

Oh, to ask God questions!

To get a better view!


Instead, God asks us questions.

Like, “Tell me, where are you?”

Or “Who do you say I am?”

These put us in a stew.


For questions from the living God

Are quite pointed, they strike deep.

He asks, “Will you follow Me?”

The price it is not cheap.


And then there is that question

Most penetrating of them all:

“Do you love Me? Do you love Me?”

“Then, feed My sheep. Head My call.”


Questions we would like to ask.

Oh, how we’re so enticed.

God has answered every question,

In His Son Jesus Christ.


On the Cross hangs all our questions.

In Christ, the answer given.

His blood, flowed mingled down

Has opened up God’s heaven.

“So Close, But So Far Away”

Written by Greg Cross


To be so close to Jesus,

but so far away,

Physically present

but spiritually stray.

Lost as a penguin

in a dry desert see,

Lost, all so lost,

but not seeing the need

For Christ to touch you

and make you whole.

Blindness to sin

has taken its toll.

Lord, for those who seek You,

sinners though we be

Yes, You will touch us

with Your salvation so free!

                   Luke 7:39

“The Fields Are White Unto Harvest”

Written by Greg Cross

All around are lost people

Their lives in a big stew;

The fields are while unto harvest,

But the workers are few.


All around us are lonely people

Drowning in fearish dew;

The fields are white unto harvest,

But the workers are few.


All around us we see heartbreak

With grief their lives endured;

The fields are white unto harvest,

But the workers are few.


All around us we see Christians

Sitting complacent in the pews;

The fields are white unto harvest,

But the workers are few.


Dear Lord, set our should afire

To Thee, may we be true!

The fields are white unto harvest,

But the workers are few.

                             September 2, 1992

“The Gnawing Deep Inside”

Written by Greg Cross


I see many people around me

Lost and beset with sin.

They seem perfectly happy

Unless you look within.


Something gnaws deep inside.

You catch it in their eyes.

Just a momentary look,

A shout for help, a cry.


Quickly covered over,

Quickly put away,

Pride quickly rises up, implores,

“There will be another day.”


Day by day they go on,

Caught-up in rush and strife,

While the gnawing deep inside,

A faint call for new life.


Sadly, most people rush on,

Muffling the call inside.

“There will be another day”

For now hide, hide, hide, hide.


A few let the gnawing surface,

The faint call becomes a roar,

Till they find themselves seeking

The grace of Christ the Lord.


Only in Jesus Christ I’ve found

Is the gnawing satisfied.

Only in Jesus Christ I’ve found

New life in Him abide.


So, if the gnawing deep inside

Ever surfaces on your face,

Do not bury it, do not hide,

Seek the richness of His grace.

                                    February 21, 1992

“The Sun Is Up”

Written by Greg Cross


The sun is up, there is no doubt.

I see it peeking in the east.

The clouds of yesterday have passed,

I sense new joy and peace.


Let us not forget, my friends,

The cloudy days, cold with rain.

The sun shines so much brighter

In the aftermath of pain.


So never grow discouraged

During those cold and gloomy times,

Wait patiently for the Son

His love, it always shines.

                                                January 15, 1993

“The Telling Part”

Written by Greg Cross


Whatever you truly desire,

Whom or what you crave,

That is what you do,

Don’t object, don’t be knave.


We cannot separate actions from desire,

A link forged within our hearts,

Not what we say, what we do,

Is the telling part.

“They Preach”

Written by Greg Cross


What a wonder to see God’s Word spread,

They preach, they preach the Living Bread;

They preach Christ crucified, Christ, He arose!

They preach, they preach, they preach so bold!


They preach in the synagogue, preach along the way,

They preach, they preach, hear what they day;

Repent of your sins, come unto Christ,

Come into His Kingdom, to He Who is Light!

                                                Acts 14:21

“Through Hammered Glass”

Written by Greg Cross

The window to the outside world

Is made of hammered glass.

The visions that reflect and swirl;

Impressions that beg to last.


If I could crack the window,

Open it a wee bit,

Vision might clear, reality show,

Discover life isn’t such a fit!


In Jesus Christ, God did much more.

The hammered glass lays shattered.

God’s glorious love He did not hoard,

In Christ, poured out love’s matter.


Although our vision of God’s love

Like hammered glass is blurred,

What He has poured from above

Our heart, mind, and soul bestirs.


For in Christ, the hammered glass

Focuses like a laser.

Such love, Lord, help me understand,

And grow and share with neighbors.


Are you looking through hammered glass?

Your neighbors do you see?

Anyone you meet along the road,

Lonely, broken, crying out in need.

                                                March 11, 1992

“Uphold Me, O Lord!”

Written by Greg Cross


Uphold me in Your mercy

Uphold me in Your grace

Until that time I see You

In your glory face to face.


Uphold me in my trials.

Uphold me in Your test.

Uphold me in Your love.

Uphold me in Your rest.


Uphold me in this life.

Uphold me in death.

Uphold me in Christ

Who upheld me in His stead.


Uphold me in the judgment…

“Uphold in Jesus Christ!”

 Uphold me in eternity,

O Lord, I do invite.


To Thee, my Upholder

I sing praises, I rejoice.

I will ever lift You up

With all my heart and voice.

                                    Psalm 9

“Whatever Happened”

Written by Greg Cross


Whatever happened to the little boy

Who met me with smiling eyes

When the morning sun peeked in

And all of life was a surprise?


Whatever happened to the little boy

Who I held close in my arms,

Content to be and just enjoy

The love, peace, joy and charm.


Growing up, a willful soul

We often clash these days,

Looks of hate, and yes, disgust,

Things quite don’t see the same.


Sometimes I see a flicker.

I catch it in your eyes.

The little boy comes peeking through,

And for a moment lights the sky.


I know it’s tough to grow up.

I know you want to shine.

But I hope you will remember

To love, and yes, be kind.


Let the Lord be your guide.

May you see His love in me.

Although, I admit readily

I’m far from perfect, you see.


Now this gift I give to you,

Not of  the store bought kind,

 My constant love and prayers for you,

That you may seek and find


The love above all others.

Whatever happens, don’t forget,

Little boy, your Father awaits your return.

His love will never, never slip.


Written March 10, 1993, five days before Joshua’s 11th birthday. We had a very rough morning!

Confidence, Confidence, Where O’ Where Is Your Confidence?

A Rap Written by Greg Cross


Refrain:  Confidence, confidence, where o’ where is your confidence?

 Confidence, confidence, where o’ where is your confidence?


Con-fid-ence I have it you see

My name’s Paul I’m a Pharisee

Born of the people of Israel

Circumcised the 8th day and that’s no bull!


Of the tribe of Benjamin, just like Saul,

A distant cousin who took a fall,

Legalistic righteousness is my game

Persecuting Christians is my fame.                                   Refrain


Let me tell you ‘bout Stephen, a Christian you see

One of the leaders, he was getting on me

Getting on my people, Telling everyone

That we crucified Jesus, God’s own Son!


Traveling the road to Damascus to arrest

Some more Christian, hey I’m the best!

A light flashed from heaven right on me

I fell to the ground, right to my knees              Refrain


Hey Saul, You’re persecuting Me

Persecuting My people, how do you plea?

But now get up, get up and go

What I want you to do you will be told


Blinder than blind, I could not see

Had to let the guards, the guards lead me

For three days blind, did not eat or drink

Like Jonah in the water, I did sink                     Refrain


Ananias came to me, sent by the Lord

Opened my eyes, a gift I can’t ignore

Filled me with the Holy Spirit, hey that’s right

A chosen instrument to shine God’s light!


Whatever was to my profit I now consider loss

Now Jesus Christ He is my boss

I consider them rubbish that I may gain Christ

Because He is the way, the truth, the life!                  Refrain

“Ode to an Empty Church”

Written by Greg Cross


On the way to school each day

All the children point and say,

“See the steeple, big and tall.

Will the steeple ever fall?”


The window broken out, you see.

Painting hangs loosely form the eaves.

Birds fly in and fly out.

No longer is there heard a shout


Of “Praise the Lord!” or “Jesus saves!”

Or “Thanks you Lord, for what You gave!”

Or “To Him from whom all blessing flow!”

Or “Grace and Mercy He bestows!”


Silence reigns in silent hearts.

God’s Holy Spirit did depart.

For other things did take His place.

The temple lies now in disgrace.


Let the epithet henceforth read

“They have all forsaken Me

To go and worship other things.

To Me, the Lord, they no longer cling.”


Weep and mourn this great loss.

You see, they did forget the Cross

Which Christ did bear our sins to pay.

“Come back, My children, do not delay!”


“Quit digging your own empty wells.

Worthless things that lead to Hell.

Return to Me, the Spring of Life.

To love, peace, joy, not foolish strife.”


“Once again the bell will ring,

The Holy Spirit in you sing.

The church triumphant let it be,

That all My glory they may see!”

                             (Jeremiah 22:8-9; Jeremiah 2:13)

                                    August 26, 1993

“The Prayer Of A Righteous Man”

Written by Greg Cross


Elijah, what a man of prayer,

O, to what a God he prayed!

“Lord, let there be no dew,

Lord, let there be no rain.”


The Lord honored Elijah’s prayer,

Not once by many times.

O, to be a man of prayer,

On my knees to climb…


Into God’s Holy Presence,

Yes, and ask all in His will,

To wait expectantly for His way,

To see His glory fill…


All the earth with wonder,

O Lord, the earth could not contain,

I praise, I praise, I praise, I praise,

O, I praise Your holy name!


From John 8:31-59

Written by Greg Cross


Darkness reigns in darkened hearts

Slaves to sin, sin death imparts

Jesus, Light of the world, shine in

Come and shatter death and sin


Take me for Thy very own

Bring me to Thy glorious home

To live with Thee and Thy saints above

Gathered round You, the Lord of love


God of all creation praise

Let our holy anthems raise

He who sent His only Son

God’s redeeming work is done!


Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Three in One, You do invoke

Praise from all flows up to you

Ready Thy will, O Lord, to do.

“Where Art Thou, O Adam?”

By Greg Cross

Where art thou, O Adam,

When the serpent spoke to Eve, your wife?

Where art thou, O Adam,

When Satan’s lies led to so much strife?

Where art thou, O Adam,

When Satan blasphemed the LORD God’s holy name?

Where art thou, O Adam,

Were you even in the game?

Where art thou, O Adam,

When you heard Satan’s words the start

Where art thou, O Adam,

As ‘the rebel’ incited rebellion in Eve’s heart?

Where art thou, O Adam,

When Eve added to God’s Word?

Where art thou, O Adam,

Certainly you heard!

Where art thou, O Adam,

Why did you not protest?

Where art thou, O Adam,

Satan, “You will not die”, how could you let it rest?

Where art thou, O Adam,

 When Eve, your wife did take and eat?

Where art thou, O Adam,

Did you wonder, “Is it sweet?”

Where art thou, O Adam

When Eve held out her hand?

Where art thou, O Adam

Did you fall or did you stand?

Where art thou, O Adam,

Hiding in guilt and shame.

Where art thou, O Adam,

Your excuses sound so lame.

Where art thou, O Adam,

Still physically alive but spiritually dead.

Where art thou, O Adam,

The LORD God once your delight, now your dread.

Where art thou, O Adam,

The disastrous sin you did infect.

Where art thou, O Adam,

The LORD God, His Word you did neglect.

                                                            May 2, 2023

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

 Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

 All the king’s horses, and all the king’s men,

 Couldn’t put Humpty back together again.

New Testament Scriptures on the First and Second Adam

Romans 5:12-21; 1 Corinthians 15:21-22; 1 Corinthians 15:45-49; 1 Timothy 2:11-15

Romans 7:24-25- What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death? 25 Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!

So then, I myself in my mind am a slave to God’s law, but in my sinful nature a slave to the law of sin.