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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Truth Zone 2013-2014 Welcome Letter


Welcome to the new Truth Zone!

First Baptist Church

801 E. Hwy 50 Union, MO 63084    636-583-2386


If you have been to our Awana program over the years you have watched as God has added new friends every week.  It has been very exciting and fun but has added a few challenges along the way.  Awana is a great program and we loved having it at our church, however we decided to create a new program that was tailor made with our kids in mind.  Over the summer a group of church members began to write our new program, Truth Zone.  Truth Zone has much of the same class structure as Awana but tells the Bible stories in chronological order and only has one verse for all the kids to work together each week.  We hope that this will help the children know that Bible better and truly put the Word of God in their hearts as Psalms 119 says.  This will also help build an attitude of friendship and teamwork within each class.  FBC Union hopes that the kids will enjoy the new program as much as they did Awana.  Our teachers are very excited about the changes!!!  We want to invite you as a parent to come any night and watch or participate in your child’s class.  If you have any questions that this letter does not answer, feel free to call the church or Annie Hymer.   We appreciate your prayers as we begin this fun new way of training your children in the way they should go.


Time & place:

Truth Zone meets each Wednesday from September 11, 2013 through May 7, 2014.  The time will continue to be from 6:15-8:00pm.  All children ages 4 years old through 6th Grade can attend Truth Zone.  Youth is also running on Wednesday night. (7th-12th grades)  We will be running a 30 week program with breaks only for holidays.  During the inclement winter weather, we will watch and follow the Union Public Schools.  If they have called off school due to winter weather then we will cancel Truth Zone for that night.  Call the church or watch our Facebook page if you have any questions about a cancelation.


Food & Transportation:

We will continue to have a meal on Wednesday night from 5:30 – 6:00pm.  The bus and van will also continue to run this year. If your child is a new bus rider, we ask that you fill out the paperwork before your child will be let on the bus.  This is a safety issue so we have contact information and an address to return your child to.  We have a lot of children who ride the bus and it is our goal to pick up and take each one home without any confusion or incident.  Because of the large number we ask for patience, some kids get home around 9:00pm.   You are always free to bring and pick up your child if you would like. (see parent pick up procedure below)

Parent Pick up Procedure:

This year we are having a closing time in the sanctuary.  This means that our kids will be there at the end of each night.  Parents will be able to come into the front door of the church to pick up their children.  Once you get into the foyer, you will be greeted by a Truth Zone worker who will go into the sanctuary to get your children.  This will keep traffic down as we do a post club program to help entertain the bus riders who are waiting for a ride home.  It also helps us insure the safety of the children as they are being picked up.  Thank you for your patience and help as we try this new way of dismissing the kids from club!

Club Dues:

Because we have created Truth Zone ourselves there are no books or uniforms to purchase, therefore there are NO DUES.


Truth Zone Parent Page:

Each week your child will bring home a parent page for you to read.  It will tell you which Bible story they learned and the verse they need to work on memorizing through the week.  We want your child to memorize God’s Word so that the Holy Spirit can use it later in his/her life.  We will start to work on the verse with your child but it takes time to truly memorize it.  Each weeks verse time will begin with the past weeks verse.  The children will be given credit for knowing their verse at that time.


Truth Zone Store:

We have decided to keep the store.  The kids loved it and it helps us give them a reason to behave respectfully.  This year we are keeping points for attendance and bringing your Bible.  We will also continue to give 200 points when your child brings a friend for (the friend’s) first time.  This year we will give bonus points for good behavior and performance.  If a child makes a major achievement or is “caught” being thoughtful or respectful, the teacher may give points according to their discretion.  One thing last year’s kids may remember as an extra point activity was helping carry the coat bucket, especially if they chose to without being asked!!!  It seemed to work last year so we plan on continuing that policy this year.  Kids can save or spend their points however they choose all year. There will be four store nights this year.


Offering Opportunities:

We will hold a canned food drive and Operation Christmas Child box collection this year like we have in the past.  We will not be taking a weekly offering for India this year.  Mr. Jon and Miss Annie will keep you updated as different project come up throughout the year.


Let’s Keep in Touch:

We have a new Facebook page, Truth Zone- First Baptist in Union!!!  Like our page to keep up with what is going on at Truth Zone and some different parent resources for you to read.  The weekly verse will also be posted in case your parent page is misplaced.

You can check our website for information on our church. Go to

You are always free to call the church at 636-583-2386.  We would love to talk with you!!!  And you can always call Miss Annie at 636-584-4576 with any questions, comments or concerns.


We love having the kids at our church on Wednesday night and also run the bus every Sunday morning.  Your family is welcome to come and worship with us at any time.  There will be times through the year when we will invite your family to come for a special Sunday performance.  It is a joy to serve the Lord by loving on your family.  Thank you for allowing us to teach and play with your child each week!!!





Jon and Annie Hymer

Truth Zone Coordinators